Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

Donna Karan Cashmere mist

When I first came across this deodorant in Sephora last week, it was already on my list of “things to try.”

I was on my way to a beach trip in the West Coast of Florida, which if you’ve ever been to Sanibel or Naples, you know that the heat there is beyond scorching. In the midst of the high temperatures and high humidity (I was sweating balls)- I thought to myself, no better time to try this than now.

Yet, doubt still crept in as I hesitantly approached the Sephora cashier. Was I really about to spend $30 dollars on a small tub of deodorant I could easily buy at any convenient CVS?

I did it anyway, reassuring myself that I’d get the high-quality I was paying for.

I PUT IT TO THE TEST: I applied the deodorant right after my shower and hit the beach. The sun was blazing outside, and there was little to no breeze. Yet, the deodorant put any and all of my doubts to rest. Not only was it effective in keeping away any odor but also it kept my underarms dry. I deemed my thirty dollars absolutely worth it- who would’ve thought I’d find myself raving over deodorant?

The deodorant has a very subtle smell, light enough to not be overwhelming but still present to give you protection. In addition, it keeps your underarms smooth, and when I say smooth, I mean SMOOTH. The feeling under my arms was close to silky. Therefore, it’s definitely gentle enough to use right after shaving without the concern of causing irritation or red bumps.

If you’re considering giving this deodorant a try, but you’re deterred by the price, try checking your local Sephora at Christmas time. They do a value pack, so you get two amazing products for the price of one! Santa, add it to my list, please!


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