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There are hundreds of tiny details, on you and around you, cluing the rest of the world in to who you truly are. And most of them are found right in your home. From the style of your floors, to the color of your walls, to the trim on the ceiling- each piece is a personal statement about you.

For me, a mix between Restoration Hardware meets College Budget was my home inspo.

The process of creating the perfect space just for you is, as I’ve come to learn, is a never-ending process! So many of you have asked where I’ve gotten some of the pieces in my home, and I wanted to share some of my faves for home decor.

#1 David Parise (Vintage Barbie and Ken) 

As seen in the homes of some of my favorite bloggers: Arielle Charnas, “Something Navy” and Claudia Oshry, “Girl With No Job”! These prints not only give your home a mix of fun, childhood nostalgia but of course, a hint of barbie glamour.

The artist himself is photographer David Parise, widely known for a hands-on approach when it comes to selling his pieces! You can usually spot him around NYC’s Prince Street.

But Miami locals are in for a treat! Only from the months of January through March, you can catch him in our own backyard on Sunday’s 910 Lincoln Rd.

Parise, a once proud Miami local himself, started The Vintage Barbie and Ken project in 2009 while living in Miami Beach. The inspiration behind the photographs originated from a seemingly normal afternoon stroll on Lincoln Road. After spotting Vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in a fashion book, an idea was born and then quickly brought to life.

A place like Miami, vintage all on its own, and home to a multitude of architectural sites (like The Fountain Blue, Eden Roc, and Raleigh Hotel) effortlessly created the perfect backdrop for his next project.

Parise drew from all of his passions for this project: Miami, art and especially one for 60’s-styled clothing. It’s evident he poured he poured his heart and soul into the work, stating, “My sense of humor, which is reflective in all my work, developed while growing up on Long Island (in case you aren’t aware that’s where all the funny guys come from).  My art is fun, with no serious statement, it might make you smile, sometimes laugh and hopefully hits a nostalgic chord in you.” Explained artist David Parise.

The prints definitely reflect this humorous side of him. You can catch the dolls in sticky situations- sometimes naked or just portrayed outrageously. Some of my favorites include: “American Beauties”, “Mermaid Headstands”, “Miami Surf – Treat Her Like A Lady -Vertical” and my all-time favorite, “Diving at The Raleigh!”

I love the idea of incorporating a memory from childhood and transforming into something to reflect our growth as individuals. Parise demonstrates his transition from youth to adult life simply through his playful art. Vintage Barbie and Ken prints are the missing piece to make any home fun, glamorous, and a unique tribute to a much loved childhood toy!

Vintage Barbie and Ken. 2.png