Self-Care During Quarantine

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Take a pause, a second, a moment to reflect … on those mornings where you so badly wanted nothing but exactly this.

But no, you didn’t mean the entire city or civilization life to stop. You just wanted a day off.

The universe has a funny way of teaching us life lessons… Don’t waste it. Every morning wake up with a full heart of gratitude for your health, especially during these hard times.

Life is a never-ending stream of mysteries, but this too shall pass and be solved. Take this time to find and see the good, be thankful for free-time, and appreciate your ability to give back to yourself and to others.

It’s important to maintain your routine as much as possible. Wash your face and make your bed. Focus on your goals, ambitions, and future. Think happy thoughts and more importantly, move your body instead of staring at your phone so long your eyes hurt. Take time to incorporate those hobbies or activities you never had time to fit in before your busy mornings running out the door.

I truly believe we‘ve been given a choice: either to better ourselves and make the most of this time or to remain stagnant. Life moves so fast around us, we never take the time to truly “stop and smell the roses.” We take for granted so many small things. When this is all over, I genuinely hope we don’t just forget; I hope we all come together and truly learn from this. I hope we recognize what so many of us have failed to.

How will you spend this time? Hours on hours, days and weeks at home with no growth? Your time is no longer restricted by your 9-5, by your hourly wage.

Forced distance reminds us not to take the little things for granted- the warm kisses hello and the friendly hugs goodbye. This physical distance between us can also inspire us to come together virtually and emotionally. Let us remember in the end to hug our loved ones closer than before. Let’s stop looking for reasons why this has happened, and start looking for ways we can learn from all of it. We all have a lot to reflect on and strive for. We are united now more than ever, safe and at home.

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