Square Toe Shoes For Every Price Point

The square-toe shoe trend has made its return, and it’s here to stay thanks to Daniel Lee. This former director of ready-to-wear design at Céline is completely transforming and rebranding the old Italian brand Bottega Veneta with his minimalist flare. And man, people are loving it!

Lee brought pure magic to the brand, quickly earning himself a fan page dubbed “New Bottega.” The site has gained over 233k followers in just a few short months, flooded with fashionistas and designers alike.

Mesh pumps with anklet chains to puffed sandals, the square-toe trend is selling out again and again. The design is visible now everywhere you look- store windows, online and even on the feeds of your favorite Instagram influencers.

If you haven’t already purchased yourself a cute set of square-toed shoes, here are some at every price point to help keep you in trend:

$100 & Under

$140.00 to $200.00

$300.00 to $500.00

$600 & Up

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