This environmentally-friendly brand is making great strides to help our planet Earth, all while keeping you organized! Travel is hard enough; especially when it comes to packing and ensuring you have the essentials you “swore” you brought. Often times we find ourselves hunting through our mass of luggage to find that ONE thing we’re missing- usually a charger, a tangled mess at the bottom of your last bag.

If you’re anything like me, keeping all of my personals accessible and organized can be tricky. Thus, the solution. These sleek pouches offer a reusable, fabric bag for basically anything: use them to pack your lingerie to laundry.

Each bag is printed with a bold and unique phrase specific to your packing needs. They’re ultimately sealed with a grosgrain ribbon, and the cutest part- monogramming can be added too!

These bags are sure to make even the most disorganized girl seem put-together. Conserving the planet and keeping you looking good while doing it; this brand has got it all!

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