Dior Pop-up Cafe

screen shot 2019-01-19 at 5.03.53 pm

Monday to Saturday
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
12:00pm to 6:

Wild side meets timeless elegance at the new Dior Cafe, transporting you into a personalized Dior jungle.

Everything is carefully crafted and stitched with the iconic, french print from the very first Dior boutique in Paris. It was a picturesque scene- located on an outdoor terrace of the women’s third-floor boutique. Yet somehow, it was still completely animalistic. It captured a real-life feel of roaming tigers, bears, and my favorite, a giraffe, all from the 2019 cruise collection.

The new cafe offers a delicious array of pastries, fruits and assorted snacks! Featuring healthy alternatives such as yummy juices, the cafe even gives the everyday health nut something to sip on. Other not-so-healthy drinks include lattes and hot chocolate. The brand iconically known for its cafes around the world has finally made its way to Miami, already making a name for itself as the new Instagram-worthy tea time or coffee spot in the design district.


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