Cheap & Chic?

Cheap & Chic?

In reference to Moschino: can things really be cheap and chic?

Nowadays when you go online, even just on Instagram, you are bombarded with advertisements from these skeptically cheap, online stores.

I was casually scrolling through Instagram the other day when I finally decided to give in and take a look. For a girl who’s never been one for cheap clothing, I was surprised to see the uncanny resemblance to the majority of things I’d purchased at other stores!

There was an obvious elephant in the room: do “you get what you pay for” or was the phrase outdated?

Let’s get real, clothes aren’t as cheap as they used to be, especially for the high-quality we’re used to now. This cheap site intrigued me- Was the website selling the clothes for the true cost it takes to make them? And without the additional cost of a name brand?

Maybe I was thrown off because we, as Americans, are familiar with paying large amounts for our clothes. And most of the time, these items aren’t even considered high-quality. So what exactly deems the items found on the cheap site low-quality?

Curious, I ordered from the website, Shein to put my theory to the test. Shein clothing is shipped from China (and before you freak out, remember the majority of products in your home and closet are likely from there anyway).

Fun fact: even Hermes has selective products made there as well. 

To further punctuate my point about the absurdity of over-priced clothing, I decided to research some of my favorite brands. Some things, I will be honest, are hit or miss. It’s tricky enough ordering clothes online without having to worry about decent quality too.

Untitled Design


My conclusion: For Love & Lemons are definitely over-priced. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE their styles and own many, many pieces from them. Some wash well, some don’t, but it’s difficult to find anything under $150. In my opinion, the quality of the clothing didn’t warrants this price AT ALL. The Shein top showed no difference in quality, bore an identical pattern and washed well.

  "Lemonade Tie Front Tank $108.00" "Lemonade Short $131.00"

"Knot Detail Crop Cami $11.00"  "Frill Trim Self Tie Shorts $15.00"



 My conclusion: There was a noticeable difference in the Petersyn skirt vs the Shein. Shein wasn’t bad, but Petersyn obviously demonstrated better quality in color, stitching, fit and wash. This difference really showed in the skirt. While $268 is still a lot for a skirt, the quality makes it definitely worth it.

"Striped Tiered Ruffle Hem Smock Skirt $15.00"

"X Revolve Barrett Skirt In Fiesta $268.00"


 My conclusion: Again, there was a distinct difference, but then again, they are just sunglasses. In my opinion, unless you truly care about the quality of the lens, I’d stick with the Shien glasses! YSL or Shien, they’re both plastics. And not even a 100 wears would make a trendy pair of heart-shaped sunglasses worth $420.

"YSL loulou 54mm Heart Sunglasses $6.00" 
"Shien Heart Shaped Frame Sunglasses $420.00"


To begin with, Are You Am I quality does NOT warrant what they charge for. Sure, the stuff is cute and all the celebs wear it … Blah blah blah, it’s not worth it. The Shein top was identical in quality. The only difference between them was the outrageous price Are You Am I charges for the same blouse.

"Are You Am I Tiiu Top $120.00"
"Bardot Ribbed Crop Tee $10.00"


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