What’s In my Beach Bag?


1. SunBum (SPF 15) 2. Tkees 3. Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil 4. Evian Facial Spray 5. Becca Beach Tint 7. Wet Brush 8. Bel Air canvas Bikini bag by Wildfox Couture 9. Gee Beauty Prime Skin 10. Herbivore Sea Mist

Hitting the beach? Duh! Summer is almost here; don’t be caught without these beach bag essentials to make your beach day as glamorous as you!

#1 SunBum

Obviously, sunscreen is first! You’ve heard me mention this before: Sun damage is the most harmful thing for the skin, but it can be the most preventable! A powerful sunscreen is a key part of a successful beach day, and the subsequent sunburn-free days to come.

I have a few sunscreens I always grab for when I’m heading to the beach. These products are perfect for keeping my skin well hydrated and of course, protected. Sunbum is my favorite. It’s dermatologist test, water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and provides UVA/UVB protection. These forms of radiation are the most dangerous part of the sun. UVA rays damage the dermis (the skin’s thickest layer) and UVB rays can burn the outermost layers of your skin.

#2 Tkees

These are my basic everywhere, everyday, go-to flip-flop. They’re so simple, yet they maintain a look of elegance. I love the way they look on; they’re crafted perfectly to flatter any woman’s foot. They come in various colors and styles to make any beach outfit complete and stylish!

#3 Tom Ford

I rock Tom Ford … Yes, even at the beach! The Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil is a product I love to throw in my bag for a glamorous day out in the sun. I spray it on my shoulders and legs to give myself a bit of glow and sparkle as I lay out. And what makes it even better: the oil is perfumed with a scent called Soleil Blanc. While the name is deceiving, I personally think this is more of a perfume with a subtle glow versus an oil.

#4 Evian Mineral Spray

YOU NEED THIS! This is literally a lifesaver. Honestly, I give props to those who can lay out in the SoFlo heat for more than 20 minutes and not die of a heat stroke. I love this product because it’s just as simple as a water spray. It makes all the difference while tanning, and it’s always in my beach bag!

#5 Becca Beach Tint

The name says it all… After applying my Gee Beauty Prime Skin, I like to add just a pop of color to my lips and cheeks. The beach tint comes in various color shades so you can match the right color for your skin tone. Not only is this product super fun, it’s also water resistant, making it a must-have for your summer bag.

#6 Sephora Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

With the beach, comes the inevitable sand.

Generally speaking, I always keep some kind of wet wipes in my purse. But in my beach bag, you can find me with two kinds of wipes. The first is a basic disinfectant. I use this to wipe down my phone, glasses and even my hands if I get too sandy! The second is the coconut water wipes. They’re very soothing on the skin and don’t leave behind a sticky residue. Also, it’s really handy having these wipes on hand to wipe the back of neck or legs to cool off. While these wipes are advertised as makeup removing wipes on Sephora, I personally wouldn’t use them on my face because they contain fragrance.

#7 Wet brush

99 percent sure a hairbrush is in EVERY girl’s beach bag, but the wet brush (if you haven’t already tried it) owns up to its name. The brush was designed specifically for wet hair, bristles positioned perfectly to create a gentle brush after a dip in the pool or ocean. Since I have naturally curly hair, a brush like this makes a huge difference.

#8 Wet bikini bag

No one wants to throw a sandy wet bathing suit into their bag! For this reason, the wet bikini bag was made, and you won’t catch me without one!

#9 Gee Beauty Prime Skin

One word… Obsessed! I have come to fall head over heels for this tinted moisturizer. I recommend it even beyond beach days; it’s perfect for everyday use as well. The tinted moisturizer gives your skin the perfect combination of coverage and natural glow. The texture is super lightweight, preventing any cakey-ness, thus creating the perfect consistency on my skin. I always left looking hydrated, brightened, and smooth.

It’s no surprise that girls want to maintain a natural look when hitting the beach or pool. Whenever I’m headed out for a day in the sun, I apply a little dab of tinted moisturizer over my sunscreen. It gives my skin a nice glow but also adds extra protection in case I forgot to reapply throughout the day. PS is perfect for situations like this due to its color correcting benefits, and let’s not forget it has SPF for that extra protection.

#10 Sea Mist

This product is actually incredible; I have just recently fallen in love with the brand Herbivore. Their products are all made in the US, and they don’t conduct any animal testing. Herbivore even places great emphasis on the fact that their ingredients are plant-based, organic and food-grade.

This sea mist- made with the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean- can be used on body or hair. It’s a naturally fragrant product that can transform your hair from flat to beachy! This product is finally made for the girl who wants to look beachy without the beach. I love this because I have super curly hair so I don’t always like to get it wet when I’m at the beach/pool. The mist provides a great solution, allowing me to just dampen my hair to obtain identical beachy effects.

A few simple sprays giving me gorgeous beach waves in seconds!

Now for skin: in case you didn’t know, salt water is one of the best things you can put on your skin. The sea mist contains a combination of aloe water, which provides great hydration and saltwater, which cleanses and detoxes. This stuff is an actual beach in a bottle!

Xo, TheHM

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