Your Summer Skin Guide

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As summer fast approaches, my focus immediately turns to my skin. The last thing anyone wants is for their skin to look pale and dry, especially while strutting around the beach or going out with friends. In order to achieve a natural glow, I turn to the help of some of my favorite products:

#1 Prepping Your Skin

A lot of you may not know that I used to work for Kiehl’s, and I have to admit, I’m completely obsessed. The majority of my favorite products come from them- my skin cannot get enough! One of my absolute fav’s is called the Calendula Face Mask. After sticking this baby in the fridge, apply a thin layer to your skin for as little to five minutes and then rinse. You’ll be amazed by the HYDRATING GLOW that’s left behind. Not only is the mask made with calendula but also moisturizing aloe. Therefore, this product is great after a day in the sun- a summertime must-have!

#2 Glow Time

Another product I’m infatuated with is the Daily Reviving Concentration by Kiehl’s. Yes, this is a face-oil, and no, it’s not going to make you oily. One misconception about face-oils is that they’re strictly forbidden for those with oily skin. However, believe it or not, it can really be a life-saver! Oily skin is due to the overproduction of oils, but by adding the right oils to your skincare regimen, it can prevent it. Oily or dry skin, this product is an absolute NECESSITY in your bathroom.

Prior to moisturizing, apply only 1 to 3 drops onto your fingertips, dab onto your face, and wallah! The magic in this product lies in its ability to fight fatigued-looking skin. You won’t have to worry about looking grey and worn out, the oil will enhance your skin’s glow and keep you looking refreshed throughout the day.

#3 Moisturizer Magic

Okay, this might be one of the MOST important products in any skincare regimen: moisturizer. It’s a daily necessity- morning and night- NO exceptions, excuses, if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

My favorite (another from Kiehls, I’m sorry but their stuff is life-changing) is the Ultra Facial Cream without SPF. Personally, I have combination skin, which means that my face generally gets oily in my T-Zone or when I have makeup on. This is why I prefer lightweight products- perfect for South Floridians! I always want my skin to look and feel refreshed. NOT CAKEY! Wearing daily SPF is a vital key to healthy skin, but I found that moisturizes with SPF are too heavy for my skin.( I use one from my dermatologist.)

The great thing about Kiehls’ products is that they’re made for sensitive skin. The Ultra Facial Cream is partially composed of glycoproteins. These proteins shield your skin from environmental damage while continuously adding moisture replenishment throughout the day. This will contribute to your skin’s new smooth and healthy appearance.

#4 Tada Tatcha

I am 100% OBSESSED with the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Not only is this made up of impressive ingredients but also its ability to give your skin a remarkable glow. Honestly, this mist gives your skin hydration you can see and feel within seconds of applying. I use it prior to applying makeup and even after. I use this stuff as often I can; even throwing it in my beach bag or plane carry-on for a quick refresher.

While working at Kiehl’s, I learned a lot about the common ingredients used in skincare products; that’s why this product, in particular, stands out to me. The first ingredient listed in any product is always what makes up the majority of its composition, and in this case, it’s water. It’s not often you see skin care products made up with something as simple water, and I absolutely LOVE that. The second ingredient listed is squalene. This is actually a compound naturally produced by our bodies; however, as we age, the ability to retain this compound in the skin decreases. That can begin to happen as early as your mid-20’s! Squalene should be a top-priority when it comes to looking for moisturizing skin care products.

The key reason I’m in love with this product: it’s fragrance-free. When applying things to your face, you should try to avoid fragrant products at all costs! Fragrant tend to add alcohol to your product, potentially leading to a product that dries out your face.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist will be my secret weapon for beautiful glowing luminous skin all summer long.

# 5 Tan Tanner Tannest

The last and final product I’m introducing to you all today is the key to a glowing tan. I am all for sunless tanning! The sun is extremely harmful to our skin- it burns, dries and ages us. Therefore, laying out and baking all day is just dumb.

My secret? Spray tans. It seems that a lot of people are scared of spray tans, and I don’t understand it. Not only does the tan give you a glow, but it does so without the harm of the sun. The key to avoiding an orange appearance lies in the right products.St. Tropez has come to be my favorite brand for sunless tanning. I am extremely fair-skinned and try to use it once a week (when I’m not being lazy). I tend to gravitate more towards the express bronzing mousse compared to the classic, only because I don’t love leaving it on for more than 4-5 hours. However, the longer you leave it on, the darker your tan.Before applying, remember to EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! I apply the mousse all over my body, and my harmless tan is complete. Try to leave it on overnight, and make sure to wear loose clothing to allow for proper drying.

I love all of St. Tropez products because they don’t make me feel sticky and are SO easy to apply! Healthy skin is so important, but if you’re still not convinced to convert to a sunless tanner, make sure to grab your sunscreen. I’ll be talking about my favorite kinds of sun-protectors in the next post!

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