About The Haute Mess

Meet me ….

My name is Emily Huard. I’ve been going back and forth for some time, trying to decide if blogging was for me, but I realized it couldn’t hurt to try … So please bear with me!

I’ve grown up immersed in varying cultures and styles. My heart lives and breathes for fashion. It amazes and inspires me everyday. Not only do clothes give us the power to express ourselves on the daily, but they act as art on our bodies.

I currently live in Miami right now, in the midst of loud and crazy trend. While it is exciting to be in the middle of such chaos, it’s also inspiring. Most of my style stems from trends/models/celebrities/other fashion bloggers/ and even strangers on the street. Fashion is all around us but always make it your own!  I love getting dressed up- whether it’s for a simple dinner or going out with my friends. And as I always say, IT’S BETTER TO BE OVERDRESSED THAN UNDERDRESSED.

I’ll be posting everything from outfit inspo to my absolute favorite products, stores, trends and of course, a lot of ootd. I’m so excited to share my passion with others who are just as enthusiastic as me!

Love, The Haute Mess